Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Restaurant Review - Moksh

I love cooking..., and I guess i already must have mentioned it a hundred times in my recent posts.. :).., but yeah., I love eating out, trying different cuisines, visiting different restaurants.., :) and yeah i do have my favorites.. Today, I'd review one of them...

Moksh - @ Necklace road, Hyderabad

The best part about Moksh.., apart from the lovely food and the even lovelier ambience I'd guess is the long drive upto the place.. :D.., The location is perfect.., absolutely perfect.. adjourning the lake, away from the city traffic.., Its the best weekend getaway.., :)

I zimply love the candlelit buffet at the roof garden.. The atmosphere and the ambience are to be seen to be believed.., The buffet menu is mostly North Indian.., and as they have barbeque., I'd guess they chose the perfect cuisine.., theres not much for the vegetarians though.., apart from the usual Paneer and Hara kababs.., I don't find much of a variety for vegetarians.., But yeah.., I love the Pineapple tikka which they serve.., its a must try for everybody.., The non vegetarians have a blast out here in Moksh.., The Grilled fish with olive oil is awesome.., there are Patther ke kababs and the regular Sheek kababs.., The Dum ki biryani is also a must try.., the flavors are subtle.., but thats the best part as one gets a taste of each and every spice that goes into the food.., I also love the Kubani ka Meetha which they serve.., I always tend to overeat whenever I visit Moksh.. :)

Just in case I forget.., the Ala Carte is also good.., it is a multi cuisine restaurant so there is a lot of variety.., I recommend you stick to the Indian cuisine cause I guess Moksh has a very good Tandoor and it specializes in indian cuisine.. :)

A meal for two can cost about 1500-1800 rupees
The Buffet costs 599 rupees excluding Tax
I would definitely come back here for the Mocktails, the Pineapple Tikka, The Grilled fish and the subtle Dum biryani..

My Ratings for Moksh : ( I'm using hearts instead of stars :) )

And on a rating of 5..,

Food : ♥♥♥♥
Ambience : ♥♥♥♥
Service : ♥♥♥
Value For Money: ♥♥♥♥

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