Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello World!!!

Heya people.., Well this is my first food blog and I'm very excited about it.., Have been contemplating with the idea of starting one, ever since I saw Rohini's blog.. Yeah shez good.., so.., after giving it a whole lot of thought.., I finally decided to go ahead with what I had in my mind..,

Firstly.., let me tell you what this blog is NOT about..., well this is definitely not the place to learn new recipes.., Yeah I'm being blunt.., but its the truth.., There would also be no contests or guest posts or even regular posts.. No., I'm not lazy.., its just that I'm a perfectionist :D.., so this is what this blog is NOT about.., now let me tell you what this whole thing is about...,

I am a very creative person.., I love to experiment with vibrant colors and themes.., I choose to do differently things which people pass off as daily chores (yeah I'm crazy too).., My house is a riot of colors and art.., I live vibrantly.., and I love to eat vibrantly to.., Yeah.., For me.., cooking is just not another chore of the day that I just have to do.., it is a lot more.., from stacking up the refrigerator, to the grinding of spices.., from selecting the perfect table linen.., to polishing of the silverware.., EVERYTHING is food for me...,

So as i start out on my journey into the delicious and colorful world out there.., I have a few acknowledgments to make.., Rohini.., thank you so much.., This was possible.., only because of you.., :) Raj.., who loves anything i cook and till today hasn't criticized ANY i repeat ANY of my experiments .., and who gives me the reason to get back into the kitchen and bring out my creative side.., my amma.., from whom ofcourse I've learnt most of the recipes.., My naanamma.., whom I love and whose recipes I always ape.., My 4 four aunts for always being there whenever I need them.., LOVE YOU ALL GUYS.., You rock!!!

Lets begin our yummilicious journey...

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Mohd Akthar said...

Great blogging. Keep it up.

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