Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bandi Food Review - Tibbs Frankie..

Bandi food/roadside food.., now who doesn't like it?? Just the thought of it makes the mouth go slurppppp!!! Hyderabad is the Hub for street food lovers. No- I am not bragging. But you will find all genres of food in the city. Yeah different genres of Bandi food. :D., Right from the spicy Phuchkas/Pani puri's to mouth watering Hot dogs.., from the tangy Bhel to the mini Idly's..,the Soda pops, the Corn on the cobs, the hot Jalebis, the enormous Sundaes.., everything is just Wow!!! And taking about street food, how can one not talk about the very delicious and the very scrumptious "

Chocolate.., they say is the comfort food for many people.., but I'd like to differ.., Whenever I feel low.., or whenever I am bored to death.., I quickly drive to the nearest Frankie point (the nearest one is at Food World,Jubilee Hills., near Peddamma Temple) and grab a bite.. , I say.., it is to die for.., :D.., There are many varieties to choose from.., but my favorite one is the simple Veggie one.., with extra Chilly Vinegar and onions., minus the cheese.., Awww my mouth has started watering all over again.., One can try out the Paneer Tikka Frankie also.., For the non vegetarians, there is the Chicken Tikka Frankie, Spicy Chicken Frankie etc. But as i said earlier.., my favorite one is the "Veg Frankie".., Do take some time off to grab a piece of heaven.. Literally!!

Location : These Tibbs Bandis are found in almost all the popular Malls. Apart from the malls, there is a Bandi @ Eat Street, a bandi @ Jubilee Hills as I told you earlier, a one at Himayatnagar, etc..

My Ratings For Tibbs Frankie:

Food : ♥♥♥♥♥
Ambience : ♥♥
Service : ♥♥♥♥
Value For Money: ♥♥♥♥♥

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